Fitolax Evalar natural laxative for bowel 40 chewable tablets

Fitolax Evalar natural laxative for bowel 40 chewable tablets

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Stimulates the natural functioning of the intestines, enhances peristalsis
Pharmacological group:Dietary supplements
Pills in 1 package:40
Country of origin:Russia
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Low physical activity, poorly balanced diet, stressful situations or pathological conditions of the body can cause intestinal motility disorder, accompanied by stool retention with possible intoxication of the body.

Plant-derived laxative Phytolax, developed by Evalar, is a mild remedy made from natural ingredients that helps to normalize the intestinal evacuation function and improve digestion.

gluten free
without GMO
no artificial colors
preservatives and flavorings

2 tablets (daily intake) contain: Evalar phytoformula: apricot powder, senna extract, plantain extract, dill extract 565.2 mg including anthracene derivatives in terms of chrysophane acid 16.8 m

Impaired bowel function, accompanied by stool retention, is a problem that almost everyone has to one degree or another. This is most often associated with impaired peristalsis (intestinal motor activity).

The reasons for this violation are different - from malnutrition and emotional overload to various diseases, and the consequences are a violation of the evacuation function of the intestine, slagging and intoxication, leading to poisoning of the body. “Fitolaks” is a natural laxative with fruit components.

The combination of fruits and herbs in one tablet provides natural help to the intestines. "Fitolaks" stimulates the natural functioning of the intestine due to: increased peristalsis, improved intestinal evacuation function, antispasmodic and carminative action, sorption properties.

The action of the soft laxative “Fitolaks” occurs during the night. After the evening reception, the result will be obtained in the morning. This mode of administration is convenient and coincides with the natural biorhythms of the body. Fruit chewable tablets "Fitolaks" taste good, do not require washing and are convenient for use in any situation.

The natural non-medicinal laxative Fitolaks is also available in liquid form! This is a fruit concentrate of the drink with a pleasant taste and aroma, which can be added to any drinks

The components in the composition of the drug stimulate the digestive processes and intestinal function. Within 8-12 hours, emptying occurs.

With a course admission:
The condition of the intestinal wall is returning to normal.
Slags and toxins are removed, cholesterol level is reduced.
The composition and amount of gastric juice is normalized.
A healthy microflora is formed.
With excess weight, you can take Fitolaks for weight loss, so that:
Improve the absorption of food.
Speed up the metabolism.
Cleanse and strengthen the gastrointestinal tract.
The maximum duration of the course is 14 days. For re-appointment, specialist advice is required.

Special conditions:
Persons with intolerance to the components of the product, pregnant, breast-feeding.

Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Indications natural laxative

Not recommended. Persons with intolerance to the product components, pregnant, breast-feeding.

Adults take 2 tablets in the evening with meals. If necessary, a single dose can be increased to 4 tablets. Duration of admission - 2 weeks

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