Gilan Comfort (Sodium hyaluronate) eye drops

Gilan Comfort (Sodium hyaluronate) eye drops

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Gilan Comfort (Sodium hyaluronate) to eliminate the feeling of dry eyes, to eliminate discomfort and when wearing hard and soft contact lenses
Active substance:Sodium hyaluronate
Pharmacological group:Ophthalmology
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Instructions for Gilan Comfort (Sodium hyaluronate) eye drops

Description and composition Gilan Comfort:

Hydrating Ophthalmological Hylan Comfort is a colorless, slightly viscous, odorless liquid.

One tube-drip (Unidoza) or bottle of Gilan Comfort solution contains: sodium hyaluronate 0.18% (1.8 ± 0.36 mg/ml), sorbitol (18.00 - 22.00 mg/ml), dynatrium hydrophosphate dihydrate (7.48 - 9.14 mg/ml), sodium dihydrophosphate dihydrate (2.83 - 3.45 mg/ml), water for injection (up to 0.4 ml or 10 ml).

Scope and purpose
The solution is intended for use in ophthalmology for eye care by burying in a conjunctival bag.

Hydrating ophthalmological solution Gilan Comfort reproduces the effect of a natural tear, protects and moisturizes the eye surface and lubricates it. This remedy has a long-term relief for dry eyes caused by various factors:

Tear film disorders, which leads to lower tear secretion and causes symptoms of discomfort;
Exposure to the environment (central heating, climate installations, fluorescent lamps, chlorinated water, air conditioning, various natural phenomena - wind, cold, dust, smoke, smog);
Frequent, long-term work behind the computer monitor
use of vasoconstricting or anti-inflammatory ophthalmological preparations;
hormonal background changes (menopause);
Older age (75% of the population over 65 has dry eye syndrome).
Properties and Efficiency
Hylan Comfort Medical Plaster is a sterile 0.18% aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate, which does not contain preservatives. The active substance is highly purified sodium hyaluronate produced by bacterial fermentation. Sodium hyaluronate is a physiological polysaccharide compound found in both the eye and other tissues and fluids of the human body.

A special physical-chemical property of hyaluronate sodium molecules is their expressed ability to bind water molecules. The aqueous solution of hyaluronate sodium (GILAN) has the necessary viscosity and high adhesive properties.

When the ophthalmological solution Gilan Comfort is used, a thin uniform film is formed on the epithelium of the corneal shell of the eye, protecting the eyes from drying, irritation and development of inflammation of the anterior surface of the eyeball. The action of the protective film begins almost immediately, thus the eyes are permanently protected from the feeling of dryness, cutting, feeling of a foreign body, irritation, which often occur when working at a computer, with the long-term use of air conditioners or other office equipment, in cases of environmental degradation.

The use of Gilan Comfort ophthalmological solution, which promotes long-term moisturizing of the eye, is recommended when contact lenses are systematically worn, as its action is identical to natural tear fluid. The solution has a viscosity index of 3.5 - 8.0 mPa·s. The ophthalmological solution Gilan Comfort does not contain preservatives, so there is no undesirable toxic effect on the eye tissue. The solution can be used for a long time.

Indications for use Gilan Comfort:

  • To moisten the front surface of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva) with mild dry eye syndrome;
  • to eliminate the feeling of dry eyes, "sand" in the eyes, 
  • burning, 
  • tear, 
  • redness, 
  • itching,
  • fatigue, "
  • office" syndrome, as well as the feeling of a foreign body in the eye, 
  • feeling "tired", 
  • after various suffered eye diseases, 
  • especially after conjunctivitis and keratitis of different etiology;
  • Comprehensive treatment of chronic blepharitis causing dry eye syndrome;
  • to eliminate "dryness" of the eyes in cases of systematic and prolonged use of drugs (hormonal agents, anti-inflammatory
  • agents, antibiotics, etc.);
  • for complex treatment of "dry" eyes in cases of constant use of cosmetic products, as well as after plastic operations on
  • the face;
  • Moisturizing the front surface of the eye after ophthalmic surgical operations, including after refractive operations
  • (LAZIC, FRC, etc.), as well as for minor damage to the cornea as part of complex therapy;
  • To eliminate discomfort when wearing rigid and soft contact lenses, as well as to prevent dry eye syndrome during contact
  • correction of vision;
  • For prevention and comprehensive treatment of corneal conjunctival xerosus in case of environmental degradation and
  • pollution (smog, smoke, dust, etc.), and long-term visual loads;
  • in Sjögren syndrome.

Method of use and doses Gilan Comfort:

Hylan Comfort Ophthalmological Moisturizing Solution is buried one drop in a conjunctival bag, as necessary up to six times a day.

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