Aevit Vitamin A E immunostimulating, antioxidant 30 tablets

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Composition per 1 tablet: microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), vitamin E - equivalent to 100 mg TE, vitamin A - equivalent to 3.0 mg RE, calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), tablet shell: HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) (thickener), titanium dioxide ( dye), polyethylene glycol 6000 (additional substance), yellow iron oxide (dye), red iron oxide (dye).

1 tablet contains: Vitamin E - 100 mg, Vitamin A - 3.0 mg

Special conditions:
Biologically active food supplement.
Not a cure.

Pharmachologic effect:
AE VITAMIR® consists of two vitamins - A (retinol) and E (tocopherol), which have immunostimulating and antioxidant properties, promote tissue regeneration, positively affect vision, have a beneficial effect on skin condition - participate in the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, support reproductive body function, improve blood circulation, restore vascular permeability.

Vitamin A promotes hair growth, healthy development and growth of the nail plate by regulating keratin synthesis, increases protein metabolism in the cartilage and bone tissue, the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands, and increases the body's resistance to infections.

Vitamin E is effective for brittle nails, it is needed to improve peripheral circulation, including providing nutrition to the nail matrix.

The intake of vitamins A and E in the complex is effective for menstrual irregularities in women and diseases of the reproductive system in men.

Vitamins A and E are necessary for nursing mothers and pregnant women, as they ensure normal embryonic development and contribute to the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

Vitamin A is also involved in the construction of bones and teeth, slows down the aging process. With a lack of vitamin E in the body, the absorption of vitamin A deteriorates, so it is optimal to take them together.

recommended as an additional source of vitamins E, A.

individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Ways of application:
Adults take 1 tablet 1 time per day with meals.
Duration of admission is 1 month.
Nutritional and energy value per 100 g:
Carbohydrates 26 g, fats 1 g,
Calories 115 kcal (480 kJ)


Active substanceVitamin A E
Pharmacological groupVitamins
Dosage mg450
Pills in 1 package30
BrandKvadrat-S, OOO
Expiration Date (in months)36
Country of originRussia

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