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Fastum Gel

Fastum Gel (Ketoprofen)

Excellent response to pain and inflammation in the back, neck, muscles and joints.
helps with both injuries (dislocations, bruises, sprains) and chronic diseases (osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis).
a faithful helper for active, energetic people involved in sports, striving to always stay "in line," and an excellent means to take care of the family and relatives.

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Cerebral circulation disorder
promotes the normalization of brain function, improves memory and attention, is recommended for strenuous mental activity

Cerebramin BIOREGULOL MOZD consists of a complex of polypeptides and nucleic acids,
Cytomine promotes the normalization of brain function, improves memory and attention, is recommended for strenuous mental activity

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Vasalamin normalization of the vascular system

Vasalamin For the normalization of the vascular system, cerebral circulation

CYTAMINES contain regulatory peptides that are completely identical to those of the human body.

PEPTIDES are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure the normal functioning of organs of all living organisms.

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Essential oils of Siberian plants

Slightly and mildly, the aromas of plants can restore our emotional balance, relieve headaches and improve appetite. 

This is not self-hypnosis and not esoteric - the pleasant smells of plants have a material basis - essential oils. Many thousands of studies and even specialized scientific journals are devoted to them. 

By their nature, essential oils are volatile liquid mixtures of organic substances that they produce. From the point of view of a chemist, these are mixtures with a high content of monoterpene hydrocarbons without a fatty filler. They stand out from different parts of essential oil plants, and not only from leaves, flowers, but even from roots. 

On hearing, essential oils of tropical plants such as lemon, orange and other citrus fruits. Lavender, the fields of which cover the alluring slopes of Provence, is also spread. 

However, not everyone is aware that Siberian plants are rich in essential oils with various medicinal properties, so the term "essential oil" is quite applicable to them. Even the names of these species are often speaking. 

Origanum ordinary was not given such a name by accident. The plant has a specific and pleasant aroma, but the thing is in essential oils. 

In oregano, this oil contains thymol, geranyl acetate and other valuable substances. Those who know a lot about medicinal herbs really appreciate this plant and try to prepare it for the prevention of many diseases - because water infusions of oregano are quite suitable for people with poor appetite, lower blood pressure, help calm down and fall asleep with insomnia and nervous tension. 

The essential oil of this plant will help even with toothache, if you drop a few drops into the hollow of a diseased tooth. 

Many have heard about thyme, thyme, or Bogorodskaya grass . You will be surprised, but these are all the names of one plant. 

Thyme essential oil was used by the ancient Greeks. It has strong antimicrobial properties and is indispensable for colds and other ailments that often accompany us during the off-season in spring and autumn. 

Thyme water extracts are also useful as a sedative. Collecting thyme is quite easy, because the plant does not have powerful and long roots that fix it in the soil. 

Zizifora occupies a special place among plants containing essential oils. Just a couple of leaves is enough - and the persistent aroma will remain in water infusion or tea for a long time, help calm down, get rid of a headache, and its essential oil has a bactericidal effect. As a seasoning, ziziforu is used when preserving vegetables. 

Schizonepet will surely appeal to lovers of essential oils. Its purple flowers are visible from afar on the steppe slopes - the favorite habitat of this species. Schizonepet essential oil has a persistent odor that provides it with active ingredients - thymol and carvacrol, which have strong antifungal activity. Water infusions of schizonepets help with headaches, high blood pressure, have an expectorant and soothing effect. 

The ivory-shaped budra is no less popular in folk medicine , although it is not so simple to meet it. Budra grass is rich in essential oils with a pleasant aroma, decoctions and infusions based on it will help restore health and strengthen immunity. This plant is used both for colds, and for bronchial asthma, for diseases of the liver and kidneys, and even for cramps of the extremities - it’s not for nothing that the people called the Budra “forty-arched”. Budra deserves an extremely careful attitude, immoderate preparations are ways to harm the plant and deplete its reserves. 

A three-part series , despite its modest appearance, enjoys well-deserved authority among herbalists. Healing grass contains essential oils and a host of other beneficial ingredients. Tea or a water decoction of a series of cures metabolic disorders, helps with poor digestion, bronchitis, bone fractures and even concussion. Such a decoction perfectly softens the skin and fights skin diseases. 

Separately, I want to talk about blackcurrant , or rather, about its leaves with a delicate aroma that tea drinkers appreciate so much. You were not mistaken, this aroma is provided by essential oils, abundantly located on the leaves of a medicinal shrub. Currant tea will be energized for a long time, saturate the body with vitamins, and on cold evenings it will warm the memory of a wonderful summer. 

It is interesting that only blackcurrant leaves possess such a feature, redcurrant (or sour), alas, does not have such properties, although its berries are no less useful. 

Common caraway seeds are another worthy representative of essential oil plants, because its fruits are a favorite seasoning for many, containing essential and fatty oils. If you crush the fruits of caraway seeds in your hand, you will feel a pleasant and strong aroma, familiar from childhood with my mother’s cuisine. However, the effect of caraway is much wider, not for nothing that this plant is so popular in folk medicine. His infusion is drunk with cough, stomach diseases, as well as eye diseases. Cumin increases appetite and even increases the amount of milk in nursing mothers. 

But the essential oil can be found not only in the grass of plants, but also in its underground part. Take, for example, urban gravilat . The people have long called this herb "clove root", it is used for cough, stomach diseases. It is the rhizomes of this plant that have a peculiar smell, reminiscent of the aroma of cloves due to essential oils. 

Not all, but many essential oilseeds growing in Russia can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of dried raw materials. The range of ready-made essential oils already extracted from plants is also rich. 

The best thing, of course, is to use natural essential oils extracted directly from plants using special technologies - by pressing, steam distillation and extraction with organic solvents. 

Unfortunately, the market is full of artificial oils made with substitutes. The use of such oils is inefficient, and sometimes simply dangerous, so order oils from trusted manufacturers. Do not forget about the possible side effects of essential oils. 

Remember that even natural oils may well cause an allergic reaction if the body has intolerance to any of its components. 

Dosage is also important, especially when inhaled - concentrated vapors of essential oil can cause a chemical burn of the respiratory tract. 

So be careful: choose and use your favorite oils not only to your liking, but also guided by common sense and taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. 

Essential oil plants - a real living pharmacy. But, like the client of any pharmacy, their lover needs to know how to use and observe the dose (usually measured in drops). Then there will be the desired effect without negative consequences, and the use of essential oils will be a joy and strengthen health.