Betaserc Long (Betahistine) 48 mg

Betaserc Long (Betahistine) 48 mg

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Betaserc Long (Betahistine) a histamine preparation, increased blood flow of the cochlear region, as well as the entire brain, improves blood circulation in the vascular strip of the inner ear, increases blood flow in the human brain
Active substance:Betahistine
Pharmacological group:Brain health
Country of origin:Russia
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Instructions for Betaserc Long (Betahistine) 48 mg

English Product Name
Betaserc Long

Release Form
Modified release tablets coated with film

Description Betahistine:

Modified release tablets coated with a brown-yellow membrane, round, double-bouquet; On the transverse section the kernel from white to white with a yellow tint, the first layer of the film shell white.

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betagistina hydrochloride 48 mg
Auxiliaries: Collidon SR [polyvinyl acetate, povidon K-30, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicon dioxide], cellulose microcrystalline 102, lactose monogide lemon acid, magnesium stearate, talc, citric acid.

Film sheathing (first layer of film coating): Opadraj white 03F180011 [hypromellose, titanium dioxide (E171), macro-goal-6000].
Film sheath (the second layer of film coating): Opadrai II yellow 85F220031 [polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide (E171), macrogol-4000, talc, iron dye oxide yellow ( E172)].

14 pcs. - cell contour packages (2) - cardboard packages.
14 pcs. - cell contour packages (4) - cardboard packages.
14 pcs. - cell contour packages (7) - cardboard packages.

ATX codes
N07CA01 Betahistine

Clinical and pharmacological groups / Group affiliation Betahistine
Drug Betaserc to improve microcirculation of the labyrinth used in pathology of the vestibular apparatus

Active substance
betagistina hydrochloride

Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Hystamine drug Betaserc

Indications Betaserc:

  • Meniere Disease;
  • Syndromes characterized by dizziness,
  • tinnitus and/or progressive hearing loss,
  • including internal ear labyrinth water,
  • vestibular and labyrinth disorders (including dizziness, noise and pain in the ear) ears,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • hearing loss),
  • vestibular neuritis,
  • maze,
  • benign positional vertigo (including after neurosurgery);
  • Vertebrobasil insufficiency, post-traumatic encephalopathy, atherosclerosis of brain vessels (as part of comprehensive therapy).

Method of application, course and dosage:

One dose - 8-16 mg, intake rate - three times a day. Treatment with the drug Betahistine is carried out for a long time.

Drug Interaction Betaserc:

Antihistamines, when taken simultaneously, reduce the effect of betagistin.

Special Instructions Betaserc:

Use with caution in patients with ulcerative stomach or duodenum disease in the anamnesis, in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy, and in children.
It should be taken into account that the desired clinical effect is achieved after several months of treatment
In case of dyspeptic symptoms betagistin is recommended to be taken during or after meals.

Child use
Use with caution in children.

  • Nosology Betaserc (ICD codes)
  • G45.0
  • Vertebro-Basilar Arterial System Syndrome
  • H81
  • Vestibular function violations
  • H81.0
  • Menera Disease
  • H81.1
  • Good-quality vapor dizziness
  • H81.2
  • Vestibular neuronite
  • H81.3
  • Other peripheral dizziness
  • H83.0
  • Mazyrintit
  • H83.8
  • Other specified internal ear diseases
  • H90
  • Conductive and neurosensory hearing loss
  • H93.0
  • Degenerative and vascular diseases of the ear
  • H93.1
  • Tinnitus (subjective)
  • I67.2
  • Cerebral atherosclerosis
  • T90
  • Effects of head injuries

Pharmacological effect:

Synthetic analog of histamine. It acts like histamine, mainly on histamine H1 receptors. The drug Betaserc causes the expansion of precapillaries, in particular, facilitates microcirculation in the maze. Betagistin also regulates the pressure of the endolymphs in the maze and snail, leading to clinical improvement in dizziness of various etiology. Reduces the frequency and intensity of dizziness, reduces tinnitus, helps to improve hearing in cases of its reduction. Increases the tone of the smooth musculature of the bronchial tubes. May cause increased secretion of the gastric juice.

Active substance
Pharmacological group
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