Chitomur (bladder)

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Chitomur (bladder) The complex of peptide fractions acts on the cells of the bladder wall, normalizes metabolism in the cells of the bladder wall, stimulates muscle tone of the detrusor or sphincter
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Instructions for Chitomur (bladder)

Drug Natural peptides Description

Complex of peptide fractions from the bladder of young animals.
Isolated natural peptides have a selective effect on the cells of the human bladder wall.
They normalize the metabolism in the cells of the bladder wall, stimulate the muscle tone of the detrusor or sphincter.

During clinical study, the effectiveness of the preparation for restoring disrupted urination of various origins was determined, including in the pathological course of the climacteric period in women, in the diseases of the prostate gland in men, in the exposure to extreme environmental factors, poor nutrition, and in aging for the normalization of bladder function.

Recommended Chitomur:

  • Chronic cystitis
  • Urinary disorders caused by prostate diseases
  • Urinary disorders caused by menopause
  • Spinal bladder
  • Urinary incontinence caused by pelvic organ swelling in women


Composition of the drug:

Peptide complex A-12 (bladder peptides),
microcrystal cellulose (E460),
sugar beet,

Daily dose contains: (two capsules), 20 mg peptide complex A-12.

Method of application of natural peptides Chitomur:

Adults of one to two capsules once or twice a day while eating.
Reception duration is one month.

Key Components
A-12 Peptide Fracture Complex (bladder peptides)
Provides a tissue-specific regulator effect on various cells of the wall of the bladder.
It normalizes metabolism in them and restores the functions of the urinary system to the physiologically optimal level, preventing the development of pathological conditions in it.

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