Essential phospholipids 300 mg 30 capsules

Essential phospholipids 300 mg 30 capsules

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Essential phospholipids hepatoprotective agent, promotes the natural restoration of liver cells
Active substance:phospholipids
Pharmacological group:Hepatoprotection
Dosage mg:300
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Instructions for Essential phospholipids 300 mg 30 capsules

Method of use and dosage:

Inside. The capsules should be swallowed whole, washed with enough water (about one glass).
For teenagers over twelve years of age and with a body weight of more than 43 kg, as well as for adults, Essentiale® Fort H is recommended to take two capsules three times a day during meals.
As a rule, the duration of application is not limited.

Pharmacological effect Essential phospholipids:

Essential phospholipids are the basic elements of cell envelope structure and cellular organelles.


  • chronic hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • fatty liver dystrophy of various etiology;
  • Toxic liver damage;
  • alcoholic hepatitis;
  • Liver dysfunction in other somatic diseases;
  • Pregnancy toxicosis;
  • prevention of gallstone recurrence;
  • psoriasis (as a means of auxiliary therapy)
  • radiation syndrome.
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