Guttalax Express (bisacodyl) 6 rectal suppositories

Guttalax Express (bisacodyl) 6 rectal suppositories

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Guttalax Express (bisacodyl) 6 rectal suppositories designed to combat constipation of various etiologies, has a stimulating effect on the intestines, accelerating the process of peristalsis and facilitating the removal of stool from the body
Active substance:bisacodyl
Pharmacological group:Laxatives
Formulation:vaginal suppositories
Dosage mg:10
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Instructions for Guttalax Express (bisacodyl) 6 rectal suppositories

English Product Name
Guttalax® Express

Release Form
Rectal suppositories

Description Guttalax Express

Suppositories are rectal in white or slightly yellowish color, torpedo-shaped, with a smooth or slightly oily surface, with a recess in the base.

1 soup.
bisacodyl 10 mg
Auxiliary substances: Vitesol W45 - 1690 mg.

6 pcs. - aluminum foil strips (1) - cardboard packs.

ATX codes
A06AB02 Bisacodyl

Clinical and pharmacological groups / Group affiliation

Active ingredient Guttalax Express

Pharmacotherapeutic group


Retention conditions Guttalax Express

The drug should be stored in a dry, inaccessible place for children at a temperature not exceeding 25° C.

Expiration date
The shelf life is five years. Do not apply after expiry date.

Pharmacological effect Guttalax Express

Bisacodyl is a topical laxative in the diphenylmethane derivatives group with negligible antiresorptive effect. After hydrolysis in the large intestine, bisacodyl stimulates its peristalsis and promotes retention of water and electrolytes in this section of the digestive system. As a result, it results in increased bowel movements, shorter escape times, and softer stools.
This effect is caused by direct stimulation of nerve endings in the mucous membrane of the large intestine.
Bisacodyl, as a constipation reliever, acts exclusively at the level of the large intestine, promoting a natural evacuation process in the lower GI tract. Consequently, it does not affect the digestion or absorption of calories or essential nutrients in the small intestine.

Testimony Guttalax Express

  • Intestinal problems associated with colonic hypotension (including chronic obstruction, postpartum adjustment of stool, and bed rest); 
  • preparation for instrumentation and x-rays; 
  • and preoperative and postoperative recovery.

Method of use, course and dosage Guttalax Express

To achieve the desired effect, the drug must be used by rectal administration. To do this, first remove the suppository from its package, then insert it into the rectum with the pointed end facing forward.

In case of constipation in adults and children over 10 years old, it is recommended to take one suppository per day. The time required for laxative effects is on average 20 minutes (10 to 30 minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes in some cases).

It is important to remember that the drug is not recommended to be used every day without first consulting a doctor and only if the cause of constipation is not known for more than 10 days.

If the drug is used in preparation for medical research, preoperative and postoperative treatment, or in cases where relief of defecation is required in certain medical conditions, it should be used only in medical observation.

For complete intestinal cleansing it is recommended to combine the use of suppositories with tablets. The number of bisacodyl tablets to be taken prior to testing or surgery should be determined by the clinician based on the patient's clinical status and the volume of the upcoming procedure.

  • Nosology Guttalax Express (ICD codes)
  • K59.0
  • Constipation
  • K59.8
  • Other specified functional intestinal disorders
  • O99.6
  • Digestive disorders complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium
  • Z51.4
  • Preparatory procedures for follow-up treatment or examination, not elsewhere classified
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