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Karsitin Silymarin to maintain the liver 70 tablets

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microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), lactose, dry milk thistle seed extract, sorbitol * (sweetener), calcium stearate or magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).

* Contains a sweetener; if over-consumed, it may have a laxative effect.

KARSINITIN (KARSINITIN) - Helps maintain the functional state of the liver
Appearance and properties: Round biconvex tablets, from light yellow to light brown, with possible dark spots, with a specific smell.
Active ingredient: Flavolignans (silymarin) - 70 mg in 2 tablets (daily dose), 233% of the adequate intake
Milk thistle fruits contain 2.8-3.8% flavolignans (silymarin isomers - silybin, silidianin, silicristine, etc.).
To date, the integral effects of silymarin obtained from milk thistle have been established and studied:
• antioxidant: silymarin interacts with free radicals in the liver and converts them into less toxic compounds, interrupting the process of lipid peroxidation, prevents the destruction of cell structures, binds to free radicals and regulates the intracellular content of glutathione;
• membrane-stabilizing: silymarin helps to stabilize cell membranes and regulate their permeability, as a result of which the entry of hepatotoxic agents into hepatocytes is prevented;
• regenerative: silymarin promotes the stimulation of regenerative processes in the liver (restoration of damaged hepatocytes) as a result of activation of the synthesis of structural and functional proteins and phospholipids;
• anti-inflammatory: silymarin inhibits the activity of lipoxygenase and prostaglandin synthase in vitro. In vitro studies on human polymorphonuclear leukocytes showed that one of the mechanisms for the implementation of anti-inflammatory action is the suppression of the formation of hydrogen peroxide.
These effects satisfactorily explain the hepatoprotective effect of silymarin, which is widely used in clinical practice - milk thistle preparations are used as part of complex therapy for toxic liver damage, cirrhosis of the liver, conditions after acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis of non-viral etiology, for the prevention of liver damage with prolonged taking drugs, alcohol, with chronic intoxication (including professional). In addition, milk thistle has a choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product (in 1 tablet): carbohydrates - 28 g (0.10 g).
Energy value, kJ / kcal 100 g (1 tablet): 900 (3.22) / 218 (0.78).

Special conditions:
Dietary supplement (dietary supplement) to food
Not a drug.
Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.
Contains a sweetener; if over-consumed, it may have a laxative effect.
Do not exceed the upper allowable level of consumption.
as a biologically active food supplement - a source of flavolignans (silymarin).

Individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements to food, the product is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, during pregnancy and lactation.
Contains lactose. Before using dietary supplements, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Ways of application:
Adults - 2 tablets 1 time per day with meals.
Duration of admission is 1 month.


Pharmacological groupDietary supplements
Dosage mg360
Pills in 1 package70
Weight65 g
Expiration Date (in months)24
Country of originRussia

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