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Potassium orotate has anabolic and regenerative effects. Vitamin-like substance that affects metabolism and stimulates the growth of living organisms, chronic physical stress, with diseases of the liver and biliary tract

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Composition for one tablet:
Active ingredient: potassium orotate 500.0 mg
Excipients: lactose monohydrate, stearic acid, medical gelatin, potato starch.

Potassium orotate is used in complex therapy in combination with other drugs (vitamins, cardiotonic drugs, etc.):
- diseases of the liver and biliary tract as a result of acute or chronic intoxication (with the exception of liver cirrhosis with ascites);
- myocardial dystrophy (myocardial dystrophy), myocardial infarction and chronic heart failure stage II and III (as part of combination therapy);
- hypotrophy, dystrophy in children (alimentary and alimentary-infectious);
- anemia;
- progressive muscular dystrophy;
- the period of convalescence after illnesses;
- cardiac arrhythmias (especially extrasystole and atrial fibrillation; the effect of potassium orotate is explained in these cases by the presence of a potassium ion in the preparation);
- increased physical activity;
- for other indications, when it is advisable to stimulate anabolic processes.

Orotic acid is one of the precursors of pyrimidine nucleotides that are part of nucleic acids, which are involved in the synthesis of protein molecules, and therefore, orotic acid salts are considered as substances of anabolic action and are used for disorders of protein metabolism, to stimulate them. 

The potassium salt of orotic acid (potassium orotate) is usually used. Potassium orotate stimulates the synthesis of nucleic acids, the production of albumin in the liver (especially in conditions of prolonged hypoxia), increases appetite, has diuretic, regenerating properties.

After oral administration, 10% of the oral dose is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. In the liver, it is converted into orotidine-5-phosphate. It is excreted by the kidneys (30% as metabolites).

Side effects:
Potassium orotate is generally well tolerated.
In some cases, allergic reactions (dermatoses) are observed, which quickly pass after the abolition of potassium orotate.
Antihistamines are prescribed if necessary. Dyspeptic symptoms are possible.

Potassium orotate in high doses can cause liver dystrophy with a low-protein diet.
If you experience side effects, consult your doctor.

Application methods:
Should be taken orally 1 hour before meals or 4 hours after meals.

Adults 250-500 mg 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment lasts an average of 20-30 days. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 1 month. In exceptional cases, you can increase the dose of adults up to 3 g per day. Children - 10-20 mg / kg of body weight per day, divided into 3-4 doses (for example, if the child's body weight is 25 kg, then the permitted dose is from 25 x 10 = 250 mg (1/2 tab.) To 25 x 20 = 500 mg (1 tablet per day, divided into 3-4 doses) The course of treatment is 3-5 weeks.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor

Active substance Orotic acid
Pharmacological group Vitamins
Formulation Tablets
Dosage mg 500
Pills in 1 package 10.2
Country of origin Russia
Expiration Date (in months) Always fresh

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