Respero Myrtol Forte 20 capsules 300 mg

Respero Myrtol Forte 20 capsules 300 mg

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Respero Myrtol Forte has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mucolytic effect
Active substance:Myrtol
Pharmacological group:Cold medicine
Dosage mg:300
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Instructions for Respero Myrtol Forte 20 capsules 300 mg

English product name
Respero Myrtol forte

Release Form
Intestinal-soluble capsules

Description Respero Myrtol Forte

Intestinal-soluble capsules 1 cap.
myrtol 300 mg,
standardized on minimal content:
limonene 75 mg
cyneola 75 mg
alpha pinena 20 mg
10 pcs. - blisters (2) - cardboard boxes.

ATC codes
R05CA10 Combination Drugs

Clinical-pharmacological groups / Group affiliation
Phytopreparation with expectorant action

Active substance

Pharmaco-therapeutic group Respero Myrtol Forte

Vegetable-based expectorant

Pharmacological effect Respero Myrtol Forte

The preparation is of plant origin and has an expectorant, mucolytic, antimicrobial, fungicidal, antioxidant and deodorizing effect. By activating the ciliary activity, it promotes mucociliary clearance. The invention makes it possible to reduce the viscosity of the bronchial secretion by modifying the pH and to ease sputum excretion by activating the atrial fibrillation activity.

Testimony Respero Myrtol Forte

  • Acute and chronic bronchitis; sinusitis.

Method of use, course and dosage Respero Myrtol Forte

Inside. Adults and children over ten years old: 30 minutes before meals, three - four times/day - for acute inflammation, two times/day - for chronic. To facilitate morning withdrawal, sputum for chronic bronchitis is taken an additional 300 mg before bedtime.
Children under ten years of age - 120 mg 4-5 times/day or 300 mg twice/day - for acute inflammation and 120 mg three times/day or 300 mg once per day - for chronic inflammation.
Duration of treatment is determined by clinical picture of disease.
Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding
Use the preparation with caution in the I trimester of pregnancy.

Use in children
They'll give the kids an appointment on the evidence.

  • Nosology (ICD codes)
  • J01
  • Acute sinusitis
  • J20
  • Acute bronchitis
  • J32
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • J42
  • Chronic bronchitis unspecified
Active substance
Pharmacological group
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Respero Myrtol 120 mg 20 enteric capsules
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