Shark Fat, Chondroitin with Bischofite body gel 75 mg

Shark Fat, Chondroitin with Bischofite body gel 75 mg

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Shark Fat relieves inflammation in the periarticular tissues, joints, improves the elasticity and firmness of the cartilage, has a powerful antirheumatic effect
Active substance:Chondroitin with Bischofite
Pharmacological group:anti-inflammatory
Pills in 1 package:75
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Instructions for Shark Fat, Chondroitin with Bischofite body gel 75 mg

Composition Shark Fat:

  • water,
  • glycerin
  • polyoxidized
  • cetilstaryl alcohol
  • isoqutil Stearat,
  • ammonium acryllidimethyltaurate
  • copolymer,
  • cetearyl alcohol,
  • olive oil,
  • dimethicone,
  • acoustic fat,
  • Camphorus,
  • Sablet extract,
  • Honey and Arnix extract,
  • Bishofit, Hondroitin sulfate,
  • vitamin E,
  • Juniper oil,
  • Major oil,
  • Picky oil,
  • Eucalypta oil,
  • propylene glycol
  • diazolidinyl
  • urea
  • methylparabene
  • propyl paraben,
  • lemonen,
  • Linalol.

Testimony Chondroitin:

Joint body cream - joint pain

Description Shark Fat:

Eliminates pain and swelling in the area of an injured or sickened joint;
Removes inflammatory tissues in the shallow tissues;
has the most powerful anti-rheumatic action;
Improves joint mobility, eliminates "chastened" movements;
Accelerates bone and joint spraying after injuries, fractures, and surgical interventions.
strengthens joint bundles;
Enhances elasticity and elasticity of cartilage;
Bischofite Helps produce synoid fluid;
Draws urinary acid salt from joints and spinal disks;
Speeds the spread of the hematom in the near-bone region;
Improves blood circulation in near-bone tissues;
Reduces friction between joints.

Application of the cream Bischofite:

Apply a small amount of cream to the problem area of the body, rub until completely absorbed.
Apply two to three times a day.

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