Stamakort (stomach)

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Stamakort (stomach) normalization of gastrointestinal tract functions, prevention of gastritis and gastric ulcer
Country of origin:Russia
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Instructions for Stamakort (stomach)

Product description:

Complex of polypeptide fractions obtained from the stomach wall of young animals. It has a targeted and selective effect on the cells of the gastric mucosa, normalizes their metabolism and functions.

Testimony Stamakort

  • Heartburn, belching, stomach heaviness and other digestive disorders
  • Anacidal gastritis for the prevention of stomach cancer
  • Prevention of gastritis and gastric ulcer
  • Polyps in the stomach
  • Acceleration of healing of defects of the gastric mucosa
  • Acceleration of Helicobacter Pylori elimination
  • Normalization of gastrointestinal functions

Product composition

Microcrystalline cellulose (E460),
beet sugar,
peptide complex A-10 (peptides of the gastric mucosa),

The daily dose contains:

(2 capsules), 20 mg of peptide complex A-10 (peptides of the gastric mucosa).

How to take:

Adults 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. Duration of admission - 1 month.
The main components of the drug
The complex of peptide fractions A-10 (peptides of the stomach) Has a tissue-specific regulatory effect on various cells of the gastric mucosa, normalizes metabolism in them and restores the functions of the gastric mucosa to a physiologically optimal level, preventing the development of pathological conditions in it.

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