Troychatka Antiparasitic for children Evalar 10 sachets of 3.6 gr

Troychatka Antiparasitic for children Evalar 10 sachets of 3.6 gr

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Active substance:calendula/caraway/thyme
Pharmacological group:Anthelmintic
Country of origin:Russia
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Instructions for Troychatka

Composition Troychatka:

marigold flower extract 0.25g; cumin extract 0.13g; thyme / thyme extract / 0.13g;

Auxiliaries: sugar, citric acid Description Triad Evalar for children is a specially developed plant complex of extracts of three herbs with antiparasitic effect. The complex has a pronounced choleretic and sokogonny effect, which helps to regulate the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract and excretion from the body as “unsolicited guests ”, and their products.

Evalar triad for children is a plant complex to help fight parasites.

All components of the complex contain herbal bitterness, having an anthelmintic effect, but in addition, Calendula (L.) flowers have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, bactericidal (especially against staphylococci and streptococci), wound healing effects. The fruits of ordinary caraway seeds (carvi) help improve appetite, reduce spasm of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, and improve digestion.

It is used as an antimicrobial agent in order to reduce fermentation processes in the intestine, as a carminative in flatulence, to increase the secretory function of the digestive glands, and to increase intestinal motility. Creeping thyme herb (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic). sachet Features of sale Without a license

Indications Troychatka:

in the presence of parasites in family members, confirmed by laboratory tests; if there is a suspicion of the presence of helminthic infestations or with the aim of preventing them; with frequent illnesses of the child (decreased immunity); with allergic diathesis, intestinal dysbiosis; if the child is capricious, excitable, falls asleep badly, grinds his teeth at night.


Children with individual intolerance to the components. Before use, consult your doctor.


Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 50 ml of hot water (you can add sugar to taste), take 1 sachet 2 times a day for children from 3 years old 30 minutes before meals. Duration of admission is not less than a month.

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