Vimax super Forte for Men 30 capsules

Vimax super Forte for Men 30 capsules

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Supplements for men's sexual health, compatible with alcohol
Pharmacological group:Dietary supplements
Pills in 1 package:30
Country of origin:Russia
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gelatin, eurycoma longifolia root extract (Eurycoma longifolia), dwarf palm fruit extract sabal, ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng), bare licorice root extract, bittergrass herb extract, cordyceps extract, titanium dioxide (dye).

Means for restoring the potency of ViMax forte contains specially selected rare components that have an effective effect on the male body. ViMax forte improves potency.

Active substances contained in plant extracts of the drug: significantly improve blood microcirculation, contributing to the maximum expansion of the vessels of the penis.
The recommended daily dosage contains (Content in 2 capsules, mg): Glycyrrhizic acid - 8 mg Flavonoids in terms of icariin - 10 mg Beta-glucans - 40 mg Ginsenosides (panaxosides) - 2 mg Saponins - 40 mg Euricom root. Effectively increases libido, enhances sweating, raises the level of male sex hormone, is a good immunomodulator, promotes muscle gain.

Fruits of a dwarf palm Sabal. Eliminate puffiness and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland that accompany its hyperplasia. Ginseng root. Contains essential and fatty oils, pectins, glycosides, saponins. Helps with weakening sexual function.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system, due to which blood flow to the penis is significantly increased. By acting on the hypothalamus, it stimulates the production of the main male hormone (testosterone). Licorice root is naked. Helps reduce blood glucose, lowers cholesterol, and most importantly, increases the body's resistance to the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms.

Goryanka is large-flowered. Contains epimedium, which blocks the production of an enzyme that limits blood flow to the penis. It has the ability to release testosterone, improves sperm production and increases sex drive. Cordyceps.

It improves the tone of muscle tissue, has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. Helps with male infertility, allows you to return potency. gelatin capsules weighing 370 mg. Features of the sale Without a license Special conditions for dietary supplements Not a drug.

It is recommended as a biologically active food supplement - a source of glycyrrhizic acid, flavonoids, beta-glucans, ginsenosides (panaxosides) containing saponins.

individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, breast-feeding, insomnia, increased nervous irritability, arterial hypertension, reception in the evening.

Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Adults take 1 capsule 2 times in the morning with meals. Duration of admission: 1 month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.

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