Epiphamine for hormonal metabolism and immunity 40 tablets 155 mg

Epiphamine for hormonal metabolism and immunity 40 tablets 155 mg

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Pharmacological group:Dietary supplements
Dosage mg:155
Pills in 1 package:40
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Composition Epiphamine:
a complex of polypeptides and nucleic acid derived from the pineal gland of cattle and pigs -10 mg; sucrose, potato starch, calcium stearate, methyl cellulose, enteric coating

Epifamine is produced from the pineal gland of cattle and has a selective effect on the cells of the pineal gland, actively contributes to the regulation of hormonal metabolism, correction of immunity and the blood coagulation system.

The results of the use of epifamine in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, make it possible to improve the general condition of the body, hematological and immunological parameters, which, in turn, prevents the development of infectious and other complications of p / o tablets

Indications Epiphamine:
to normalize hormonal metabolism, regulate immunity and the system of blood coagulation in various forms of their violation (including after radiation and chemotherapy), it is also recommended for elderly people to maintain the function of the endocrine system.

Epifamine is taken 10 to 15 minutes before meals, 1 to 3 tablets for 2 to 3 times 6 days for 10 to 15 days.
Drink with water, do not chew! Repeated course after 3-6 months is desirable.

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