Suprenamin for adrenal N20Х2 tablets

Suprenamin for adrenal N20Х2 tablets

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Normalizes the adrenal glands and hormonal metabolism, recommended for prolonged stressful conditions and high physical exertion
Active substance:Citamine
Pharmacological group:Dietary supplements
Dosage mg:150
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Description of the drug Suprenamin:

Violation of hormonal metabolism in the body with various forms of adrenal dysfunction. With prolonged professional and psycho-emotional stress.
drug is a biologically active food supplement for the adrenal glands.
It is not a medicine.
drug helps to normalize and improve adrenal function.

  • The drug is not hormonal
  • Targets organ cells
  • Safe, consists entirely of natural ingredients and has no side effects
  • The dietary supplement can be taken with any drugs, and even hormonal

Composition Suprenamin:

1 coated tablet contains:
drug powder (a complex of polypeptides and nucleic acids obtained from the adrenal glands of cattle and pigs) - 10 mg,
sucrose (lactose), potato starch, calcium stearate, methylcellulose, enteric coating.

Method of administration of Suprenamin:

Adults: 1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals, without chewing for 10-14 days.
Repeated course in 3-6 months.

The dietary supplement helps with chronic and acute stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue syndrome.
To normalize the function of the endocrine system

Cytamines help to restore functional disorders in the body and prevent the development of pathological processes in various organs and tissues at the DNA level.

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