MegaSlim Weight loss, Control and Decreased appetite 30 capsules

MegaSlim Weight loss, Control and Decreased appetite 30 capsules

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They regulate metabolism, regulate appetite, and increase
Pharmacological group:For weight loss
Pills in 1 package:30
Country of origin:Russia
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Composition Megaslim:
L-carnitine tartrate, vitamin premix (maltodextrin - carrier, vitamins: C (ascorbic acid), PP (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), E, B6, B2 (riboflavin), B1 (thiamine), B12, B9 (folic acid), H (biotin), gelatin (capsule component), potato starch, cinnamon, bromelain, guarana extract, minerals (zinc sulfate, sodium selenite, magnesium sulfate, chromium picolinate), corn stigmas extract, anti-caking agents (amorphous silicon dioxide , calcium stearate, talc), dyes (capsule component) - E171, 172.

The phytoactive complex "MegaSlim" is specially designed for use in nutritional systems for weight loss (diets). It combines the latest scientific developments in the field of nutrition and many years of medical experience. It was created using modern concepts of safe and effective weight loss.

The uniqueness of "MegaSlim" lies in its complex action in three directions:
Body weight control

An increase or decrease in body weight is primarily associated with the individual characteristics of metabolism. Only by reducing fat mass, regulating carbohydrate metabolism and increasing protein absorption, you can achieve results.
Corn silk regulates metabolism, having a diuretic and choleretic effect, regulate appetite;

Cinnamon increases the effectiveness of fat burning ingredients;
Bromelain helps in the breakdown of protein foods and their absorption by the body;

B vitamins are involved in the processes of fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

The effect of "fat burning"
The components of "MegaSlim" are known for their lipotropic action - the ability to mobilize fat from their fat depots and accelerate its utilization.

L-carnitine is a key factor in accelerating fat burning. Helps reduce the accumulation of fat in tissues and reduce body weight by reducing the proportion of fat, converting it into energy. L-carnitine deficiency in the diet leads to a violation of fat metabolism;
Zinc has a lipotropic effect, reducing the fat content in the liver, it is necessary for the synthesis of insulin;

Vitamin E is involved in the breakdown and synthesis of fat;
Vitamin PP takes part in energy metabolism.
Appetite control
According to statistics, the consumption of sweet and starchy foods are the most frequent eating disorders. By solving the problem of "spontaneous" appetite, and therefore high-calorie snacks between meals, you can make significant progress in maintaining normal body weight.

Chromium helps control appetite, making it easier to follow a low-calorie diet. It maintains insulin levels in the blood, which helps reduce sugar cravings and prevents the formation of fat in cells.

The functionality of "MegaSlim" is not limited to actions in the three indicated directions. It includes components that improve the appearance and condition of the skin, as well as support performance.

It is important for a person with weight control to maintain skin tone. With a loss of body weight, the skin can "sag", therefore the composition of "MegaSlim" includes vitamins, biotin, selenium and zinc, which are involved in the synthesis of collagen - a structural protein of the skin that maintains skin elasticity. Vitamin E, corn silk sitosterols are also important for maintaining skin tone.

Guarana extract and cinnamon improve mood and help maintain high performance throughout the day.
While following a low-calorie diet, MegaSlim provides the body with essential micronutrients to maintain well-being and an active life.
gelatin capsules

General description Megaslim:
Dietary supplement (BAA) to food

Indications Megaslim:
Recommended as a biologically active food supplement with a high content of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid,
niacin, biotin), vitamins C and E, as well as zinc, selenium, chromium, L-carnitine. Contains bromelain. It helps to reduce fat mass and normalize metabolic processes.

Clinical pharmacology:

MegaSlim promotes the natural process of weight loss and stabilizes it at the achieved level, increases the intensity of fat burning processes, helps the body get rid of accumulated toxins and toxins, and reduces appetite.

MegaSlim energizes, gives confidence and strength on the way to the desired forms.

MegaSlim increases the effectiveness of procedures aimed at reducing body weight (diet, massage, aquatherapy, fitness, etc.), facilitates adherence to diets, and reduces their negative impact on the body.

MegaSlim - an elite complex for burning fat, reducing appetite while dieting, energizes life. Provides safe and natural weight loss.

individual intolerance to the components, increased nervous irritability, insomnia, arterial hypertension, pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes.

Before use, consult a doctor.

Application methods Megaslim:
adults 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals.
Duration of admission: 1-3 months.
Number of MEGASLIM for a course of 1 month: 2 boxes.
Number of MEGASLIM for a course of 2 months: 4 boxes.
Number of MEGASLIM for a course of 3 months: 6 boxes.

Pharmacological group
Pills in 1 package
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