NANOTROPIL NOVO (Phenotropil) [Phenylpiracetam]

NANOTROPIL NOVO (Phenotropil) [Phenylpiracetam]

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NANOTROPIL NOVO (Phenotropil) [Phenylpiracetam] nootropic drug, has a pronounced anti-amnestic effect, has a direct activating effect on the integrative activity of the brain, promotes memory consolidation, improves concentration and mental activity, facilitates the learning process, increases the speed of information transfer between the hemispheres of the brain, increases the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxic influences, has an anticonvulsant effect and anxiolytic activity, regulates the processes of activation and inhibition of the central nervous system, improves mood
Active substance:Phenylpiracetam
Pharmacological group:Nootropic
Dosage mg:100
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Instructions for Nanotropil

Nanotropil is a new - nootropic drug.

Release form and composition Nanotropil:

The drug is produced in the form of tablets: from white with a yellow tint to white, flat-cylindrical, round, with a bevel, additionally for a dosage of 100 mg - with a risk (10 pieces in a blister strip, in a cardboard box 1-5 packs and instructions on the use of Nanotropil is new).

1 tablet contains:
active substance: phonylpiracetam - 50 or 100 mg; additional components: sodium carboxymethyl starch, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone K-17, magnesium stearate.

Pharmacodynamics Nanotropil
Phenylpiracetam, the active ingredient in Nanotropil is new, has a pronounced antiamnestic effect. It stimulates the integrative functions of the brain, promotes memory consolidation, improves mental performance and increases concentration, facilitates the learning process.
Nanotropil new leads to an increase in the speed of information transfer between the cerebral hemispheres and an increase in the resistance of the latter tissues to various toxic effects, exhibits anticonvulsant and anxiolytic activity. It has a positive effect on metabolic processes and redox reactions, due to an increase in glucose utilization, it increases the level of the body's energy potential.

Phenylpiracetam promotes an increase in the concentration of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, while it does not affect the content of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and does not interact with GABA A and GABA B receptors. Under the influence of the drug, the spontaneous bioelectric activity of the brain does not undergo significant changes, and the indicators of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems also do not change. Nanotropil is new to a moderate extent affects motor reactions, increases physical performance.
Psychostimulating influence dominates in the thinking (ideatorial) sphere. The anxiolytic properties of a nootropic agent are combined with a moderate psychostimulating effect, and during therapy, a certain analgesic effect is noted, associated with an increase in the threshold of pain sensitivity. With course use, anorexigenic activity is recorded.

In the case of severe fatigue, intense physical and psycho-emotional stress, against the background of low temperatures, hypokinesia, immobilization, fonturacetam enhances the body's resistance to stress. Promotes the normalization of blood supply to the lower extremities. During the treatment period, there is an improvement in vision, which manifests itself in an increase in brightness, acuity and fields of vision.

Nanotropil novo also has immunostimulating properties - upon administration of an antigen, it initiates the production of antibodies, but it does not promote the development of immediate hypersensitivity and does not cause changes in the allergic inflammatory reaction of the skin associated with the introduction of a foreign protein.

Against the background of the course therapy, there was no development of tolerance to fonturacetam, drug dependence and withdrawal syndrome after the completion of the course. The effect of Nanotropil is newly observed after taking a single dose, which is especially important when used in extreme conditions. It does not possess carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic and embryotoxic activity. Shows low toxicity: in an acute experiment, the lethal dose of the drug was 800 mg / kg.

Pharmacokinetics Nanotropil:

Phenylpiracetam is intensively absorbed. After oral administration, the absolute bioavailability of the drug is 100%, in the blood its maximum concentration (C max ) is noted after 1 hour. Due to the high volume of distribution, phenylpiracetam is detected in various tissues and organs, and easily penetrates the blood-brain barrier. It is not biotransformed in the body. It is eliminated unchanged in the urine approximately 40%, with bile and then - 60%. The half-life (T 1/2 ) is 3-5 hours.

Indications Nanotropil:

The use of Nanotropil is newly indicated for the following diseases / conditions:
diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) of various etiologies, mainly caused by disturbances in the processes of cerebral metabolism, intoxication (including post-traumatic conditions), accompanied by a decrease in motor activity, deterioration of intellectual and mental functions; psychoorganic syndromes, the signs of which are the development of an apathic-abulic state and intellectual-mnestic disorders; sluggish states in schizophrenia; neurotic conditions, characterized by increased exhaustion, weakening of psychomotor activity, lethargy, memory impairment, impaired attention; violations of the learning process; obesity of alimentary-constitutional genesis (primary); convulsive conditions; chronic alcoholism (in order to reduce the severity of intellectual and mental disorders); hypoxia (for prevention); inversion of the sleep-wake cycle, correction of the daily biorhythm. Nanotropil is also used to correct the functional state under extreme conditions of professional activity in order to prevent fatigue, to increase performance (mental and physical), to enhance the body's stability under stress.

Contraindications Nanotropil:

Absolute: children and adolescents up to 18 years old; hypersensitivity to any of the components in Nanotropil is new. Caution is required to use a nootropic agent for the following diseases / conditions: pronounced organic damage to the kidneys and liver; severe arterial hypertension; severe atherosclerosis; history of panic attacks, acute psychotic conditions, accompanied by psychomotor agitation (due to the aggravation of the risk of exacerbation of anxiety, panic, delirium and hallucinations); a tendency to allergic reactions associated with nootropic drugs belonging to the family of pyrrolidone derivatives.

is new, instructions for use: method and dosage Nanotropil tablets are newly taken orally immediately after meals. The dose of fonturacetam and the course of treatment are determined by the attending physician in accordance with the characteristics of the patient's condition. The recommended single doses can vary from 100 to 250 mg (average - 150 mg), daily doses - from 200 to 300 mg (average 250 mg).

The maximum allowable dose should not be higher than 750 mg / day. A daily dose of less than 100 mg should be taken at one time in the morning; it is recommended that a dose of more than 100 mg be divided into two doses. The duration of therapy can be from 14 to 90 days, on average - 30 days. One month after the completion of treatment, if necessary, it is possible to prescribe a second course. For the treatment of alimentary-constitutional obesity and to enhance performance, the drug is recommended to be used in a dose of 100-200 mg 1 time / day (in the morning).

The duration of treatment for primary obesity is 30-60 days, with the aim of increasing efficiency - 14 days, and for athletes - 3 days. You should not take Nanotropil again after 15 hours.

Side effects Nanotropil:

During the period of drug therapy, the following adverse effects may be noted: insomnia (when using the drug after 15 hours), in some cases in the first 3 days of the course - skin hyperemia, a feeling of warmth, increased blood pressure (BP), psychomotor agitation.

Overdose Nanotropil:

Cases of drug overdose were not recorded. If this condition is suspected, symptomatic treatment is required.

special instructions Nanotropil:

When using Nanotropil new by patients with excessive psycho-emotional exhaustion against the background of chronic insomnia, fatigue and stress, during the first day of the course after a single dose, sudden severe drowsiness may occur. Such patients on an outpatient basis should start treatment with phonylpiracetam on non-working days. Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and complex mechanisms Due to the potential threat of a sharp need for sleep, especially in the early days of the course of therapy, special care must be taken when controlling complex mechanisms, including vehicles.

Application Nanotropil:

during pregnancy and lactation During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the use of Nanotropil should not be new due to the lack of clinical studies of its safety and efficacy in this category of patients. Childhood use Nanotropil is not intended for use in pediatric practice, since the efficacy and safety of taking phonylpiracetam have not been established in patients under 18 years of age. With impaired renal function Patients with severe organic kidney disease should be treated with caution. For violations of liver function Patients with severe organic liver pathology are recommended to be treated with caution.

Drug Nanotropil:

interactions other nootropics; drugs that stimulate the central nervous system: the effect of these drugs is potentiated; ethanol, hexobarbital: the severity of their hypnotic action decreases; antipsychotics: phonylpiracetam is a pronounced antagonist of the cataleptic action of these drugs.

Terms and conditions of storage Store in a place protected from light, out of reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.

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