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Stimulant of mental performance, improves brain function, memory, attention, learning ability, relieves fatigue, normalizes sleep. Relieves post-anesthetic syndrome, in pediatrics it is used to treat brain dysfunctions, improve the psychomotor activity of a child. Memory and cognitive impairments, circulatory problems and fatigue.
Pharmacological group:Nootropic
Country of origin:Russia
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Scientific articles about the:

Nootropics are a class of medications that improve memory in adults and children, creativity, critical thinking, and motivation

Application of the medicine Semax Spray:

  • Optic nerve disease
  • Intellectual-mnestic (memory, attention) disorders.
  • Circulatory problems
  • Conditions after traumatic brain injury and neurosurgical operations.
  • Prevention and treatment of post-narcotic and asthenoneurotic disorders of various origins;
  • Peptic ulcers
  • to improve adaptation in extreme situations; prevention of mental fatigue.
    Stroke; Transient ischemic attack; 
  • Memory and cognitive disorders 
  • Immune Disorders
  • Also, Semax is recommended to be used by people whose work is associated with the performance of monotonous operator activities (for the prevention of mental fatigue during the most stressful or stressful periods of work).
  • Increase of attention, 
  • memory with repetitive and monotonous tasks.
    Alleviating cognitive impairment caused by cerebrovascular disorders, traumatic brain injury and neurosurgery; 
  • Cognitive disorders in children over 7 years old, including ADHD.

Optic nerve atrophy.
Neuritis of inflammatory, toxic-allergic and vascular etiology, glaucomatous optic neuropathy (glaucoma), diabetic retinopathy.

The use of drugs in pediatrics Semax Spray:

Used to treat minimal brain dysfunction.
In children aged 7 years and older in the treatment of minimal cerebral dysfunctions (including ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Composition of the preparation Semax Spray:

Semax in terms of 100% substance - 1 g, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (Nipagina) - 1 g, purified water up to 1 liter.
Active substance: Methionyl-glutamyl-histidyl-phenylalanyl-prolyl-glycyl-proline

Pharmachologic effect Semax Spray:

Semax 0.1% is a stimulant of mental performance. Improves brain function, memory, attention, learning ability, relieves fatigue, normalizes sleep. Increases adaptation to flights and climate changes.
Relieves post-anesthetic syndrome.
In ophthalmology, it is effective for glaucomatous optic neuropathy (glaucoma), optic nerve atrophy, diabetic retinopathy.
In pediatrics, it is used to treat minimal brain dysfunctions, improve the psychomotor activity of a child.

Pharmacokinetics of a nootropic drug Semax Spray:

Absorbed from the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, while absorbed up to 60-70% in terms of the active substance. Semax is rapidly distributed to all organs and tissues, penetrates the blood-brain barrier.

Instructions for the use of Semax Spray:

method and dosage Semax drops are used intranasally. Method of using the dropper bottle: cut off the tip of the pipette with scissors; turn the bottle over and gently tap the bottom with your finger until the liquid fills the entire space of the pipette; remove the cap; squeeze out the required number of drops into the nasal passage, pressing on the wide part of the pipette. Nasal drops 0.1% 1 drop of solution (when using a pipette) contains 50 μg of active substance. 

No more than 2-3 drops can be injected into each nasal passage at a time. If a higher dose is prescribed, the administration should be carried out in several doses at intervals of 10-15 minutes. 

Recommended dosage Semax Spray:

regimens depending on indications: intellectual and mnestic disorders in vascular lesions of the brain, transient disorders of cerebral circulation, discirculatory encephalopathy: a single dose - 3-30  / kg (200-2000 ), daily dose - 7-70 / kg (500-5000), frequency application - up to 4 times a day, duration of treatment - 10-14 days, if necessary, appoint repeated courses; 

conditions after neurosurgical interventions, craniocerebral trauma, anesthesia: 40-50 / kg (1400-3500 ) 3 times a day for 3-5 days, if necessary, the duration of therapy is increased to 14 days; neuritis and atrophy of the optic nerve: 100-150  in each nasal passage 2-3 times a day, daily dose - 600-900 mc, duration of treatment is 7-10 days. If necessary, the drug is administered by endonasal electrophoresis - from the anode, using a current of 1 mA. The daily dose is 400-600 m. The duration of exposure is 8-12-15 minutes. The course of treatment is 7-10 days. 

To prevent mental fatigue and increase the adaptive capabilities of the human body, it is recommended to use Semax 2-3 drops in each nasal passage 2-3 times in the morning. 

The daily dose ranges from 400 to 900 . The duration of therapy is 3-5 days, if necessary, repeated courses are carried out. With minimal cerebral dysfunction, children from 7 years old are prescribed 

1-2 drops of the drug (50-100 or 5-6 / kg) in each nasal passage 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The maximum daily dose is 400  The duration of treatment is 30 days. Nasal drops 1% 1 drop of solution (using a pipette) contains 500 μg of active substance. 

Recommended dosages: stroke of moderate severity: 2-3 drops in each nostril (2000-3000 ) 3-4 times a day at 3-4-hour intervals. The daily dose is 6000-12000 (12-24 drops); severe stroke: 3-4 drops in each nasal passage (3000-4000 ) 4-5 times a day at 2.5-3-hour intervals. The daily dose is 12,000-20,000  (24-40 drops). The duration of treatment is 10 days.

Side effects of the medication Semax Nasal Spray:

With prolonged use: possible - mild irritation of the mucosa

The production of medicines complies with international GMP requirements (Good manufacturing practice)

Pharmacological group
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d t patterson
Excellent and I'm so grateful for shopmybuy for Semax!!
Semax This product has worked well
Very happy with product. Highly recommend
lorraine hird
Semax 100% is quite an unique a drug. It is mainly used to help recovering from strokes but on an healthy brain, it can do wonders.
I think a must have for any person interested in nootropics.
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