Spazmalgon (Fenpiverinium bromide, Pitofenone, Metamizole) ampoules

Spazmalgon (Fenpiverinium bromide, Pitofenone, Metamizole) ampoules

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Spazmalgon (Fenpiverinium bromide, Pitofenone, Metamizole) myotropic antispasmodic, has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects
Active substance:Fenpiverinium bromide, Pitofenone, Metamizole
Pharmacological group:Pain relievers
Pills in 1 package:10
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Instructions for Spazmalgon (Fenpiverinium bromide, Pitofenone, Metamizole) ampoules

English product name

Release form
500 mg+20 ug+2 mg/1 ml injection p/d/w/m: amp. 2 ml 10 pcs


The solution for in/m injection is transparent, colorless or slightly coloured. 1 ml

  • sodium metamisole 500 mg
  • phenpiverine bromide 20 ug
  • pitofenone hydrochloride 2 mg

Auxiliary substances:

water up to 1 ml
2 ml - dark glass ampoules (10) - plastic trays (1) - cardboard packs.

ATC codes

N02BB52 Sodium methamisole in combination with other drugs Spazmalgon (excluding psycholeptics)

Clinical-pharmacological groups / Group affiliation


Active substance Spazmalgon:

  • sodium metamisole
  • pitofenone hydrochloride
  • phenpiverine bromide

Pharmacotherapy group:

Analgesic nonarcotic agent (analgesic nonarcotic+spasmolytic)

drug indications Spazmalgon:

Sick syndrome (weak or moderate) in the spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs:
kidney rolls, urinary spasm and bladder;
Gallantry; Distinesia of the bizarre pathways
Post-cholecystectomical syndrome; intestinal colic; Chronic colite; algodismentery; Diseases of small pelvic organs.

For short-term treatment of arthargy; Milgia; Neuralgia, Ishialgia.

As an auxiliary drug Spazmalgon for sick syndrome after surgical intervention and diagnostic procedures.

How to take the drug Spazmalgon:


Adults and adolescents over 15 years of age: One - two tabs. two - three times/day, without chewing, having a small amount of liquid.

Children aged 12-14: One dose - one tablet, the maximum daily dose - six tabs.
(1.5 table 4 times/day), 0.5 tab. for children aged 8-11 years, 4 tab. maximum daily dose (1 tab. 4 times/day), 0.5 t for children aged 5-7 years B., maximum daily dose - 2 tab. (0.5 tab. 4 times/day).

Parenteral (in/in, in/m)

Adults and adolescents over the age of 15 with severe colicians are introduced to/from slowly (one ml per minute) by 2 ml; If necessary, re-injected in 6-8 hours. B/m - 2-5 ml of solution 2-3 times/day. The maximum daily dose shall not exceed 10 ml (which corresponds to five g of sodium methamisol).

The duration of the treatment course is determined by the clinical symptoms and ethopathogenesis of the disease, but should not exceed five days.

Calculate dose for children in vm and vm in: 3-11 months (5-8 kg) - only v/m - 0.1-0.2 ml; One to two years (9-15 kg) - 0.1-0.2 ml, 0.2-0.3 ml, v/m; 3-4 years (16-23 kg) - in/in - 0.2-0.3, in/m - 0.3-0.4 ml; 5-7 years (24-30 kg) - 0.3-0.4 ml, 0.4-0.5 ml, v/m; 8-12 years (31-45 kg) - 0.5-0.6 ml, 0.6-0.7 ml, v/m; 12-15 years - in/out and in/m - 0.8-1 ml.

The injection solution should be heated in the arm before it is introduced.


Combination analgetizing and spasmolic. The combination of components of the drug Spazmalgon leads to the mutual reinforcement of their pharmacological action.

The sodium methysol, a derivative of pyrazolon, has an analgetic, heat-reducing and weak anti-inflammatory effect, the mechanism of which is connected with the suppression of the synthesis of prostate glandins.

Pithophenon hydrochloride has direct myotropic effects on smooth muscles of internal organs and causes its relaxation (papaverine action).
Fenpyverinia brominide has m-cholinoblocking effect and has an additional myotropic effect on smooth muscles.

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