Vinpocetine forte Canon 10 mg

Vinpocetine forte Canon 10 mg

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Vinpocetine improves brain metabolism by increasing the consumption of glucose and oxygen by brain tissue
Active substance:Vinpocetine
Pharmacological group:Brain health
Dosage mg:10
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Instructions for Vinpocetine forte Canon 10 mg

English product name
Vinpocetine forte Canon

Release form

Tablets white or white with a yellowish color, round, flat cylindrical, with chamfer.

1 tab.
vinpocetine 10 mg
Auxiliary substances: calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate - 30 mg, lactose monohydrate - 95.5 mg, povidon K30 - 1.4 mg, crossovidone - 2.4 mg, magnesium stearate - 0.7 mg.

10 pcs - packages of box contour (1) - cardboard packs.
10 pcs - box-type contour (3) packages - cardboard packs.
10 pcs - box-type contour (5) packages - cardboard packs.
30 pcs - packages of box contour (1) - cardboard packs.
30 pcs - box-type contour (3) packages - cardboard packs.
30 pcs - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.
60 pcs - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.

ATC codes
N06BX18 Vinpocetine

Clinical-pharmacological groups / Group affiliation
A drug that improves cerebral circulation

Active substance

Pharmacotherapy group Vinpocetine:

Psychostimulant and nootropic agent

Pharmacological effect Vinpocetine:

Agent that improves cerebral blood circulation and brain metabolism. Inhibits the activity of phosphodiesterase, which contributes to the accumulation in the tissues of cAMP. It has vasodilating effects mainly on the vessels of the brain, due to direct myotropic spasmolytic action. The system AD decreases slightly. It improves blood supply and microcirculation in brain tissues, reduces platelet aggregation, and promotes normalization of blood rheological properties. It improves hypoxia tolerance by brain cells, promoting oxygen transport to tissues by reducing erythrocyte affinity, enhancing glucose uptake and metabolism. Increases the content of catecholamines in brain tissues

Testimony Vinpocetine:

Acute and chronic cerebral circulation failure. Discirculatory encephalopathy with memory impairment, dizziness, headache. Post-traumatic encephalopathy. Vascular diseases of the retina and the vasculature of the eye. Impaired hearing of vascular or toxic genesis, Ménière's disease, dizziness of labyrinthine origin. Vegetative dystonia in climacteric syndrome.

Method of use, course and dosage Vinpocetine:

For ingestion - five - ten mg three times/day.
In the form of injections (mainly in acute conditions), the single dose is 20 mg, with good tolerability, the dose is increased for three to four days to one mg/kg;
Duration of treatment ten - fourteen days.

  • Nosology Vinpocetine (ICD codes)
  • F07
  • Personality and behavioural disorders caused by disease, damage or brain dysfunction
  • F45.3
  • Somatoform dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system
  • G45
  • Transitory cerebral ischemic attacks [attacks] and related syndromes
  • G93.4
  • Encephalopathy unrefined
  • H31.1
  • Vascular degeneration of the eye
  • H35.0
  • Background retinopathy and retinal vascular changes
  • H81.0
  • Ménière's disease
  • H81.1
  • Benign paroxysmal dizziness
  • H81.3
  • Other peripheral dizziness
  • H93.0
  • Degenerative and vascular ear disease
  • I63
  • Brain infarction
  • I69
  • Effects of cerebrovascular disease
  • N95.1
  • Menopause and Menopause in Women
  • N95.3
  • Conditions associated with artificially induced menopause
  • T90
  • Effects of head injuries
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