Ascoril (Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol)

Ascoril (Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol)

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Ascoril (Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol) bronchodilator, mucolytic and expectorant effects, it can effectively fight dry cough
Active substance:Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol
Pharmacological group:Cough medicines
Country of origin:India
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Instructions for Ascoril (Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol)

Ascoril (Bromhexine, Guaifenesin, Albuterol)

English product name

Release form


The tablets are white in color, round, flat, with chamfer and one-sided risk.

1 tab.
bromhexine hydrochloride 8 mg
gwaifenezin 100 mg
salbutamol (in the form of salbutamol sulphate) 2 mg

Auxiliary substances:
calcium hydrophosphate,
corn starch,
methylparahydroxybenzoate (methylparaben),
propyl parahydroxybenzoate (propyl paraben),
refined talc,
silicon dioxide colloidal,
magnesium stearate.

ATC codes
R05C Expectorants (excluding combinations with cough preparations)

Clinical-pharmacological groups / Group affiliation
Preparation with mucolytic, expectorant and broncholytic action

Active substance Ascoril
bromhexine hydrochloride
salbutamol (sulphate)

Pharmacotherapy group
Expectorant combined agent

Storage Conditions
The drug Ascoril should be stored in a place inaccessible to children, dry, protected from light at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C.

Best before date
Shelf life is 2 years. Do not apply after expiry date.


  • For the symptomatic treatment of productive cough associated with various respiratory diseases, 
  • including, 
  • among others, 
  • the following:
  • acute bronchitis,
  • including tracheobronchitis;
  • acute bronchitis caused by respiratory viruses;
  • Chronic bronchitis without additional specification (BDU);
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • asthma bronchitis;
  • pneumonia.

Method of use, course and dosage:

The drug Ascoril is taken inside.

Adults and children over 12 years old are given 1 tab. 3 times per day.
Children aged six to 12 years old - 1/2 or 1 tab. 3 times/day.
The drug Ascoril should be used no more than four to five days. If symptoms persist for more than four to five days, the patient should see a doctor.

Application for kidney disorders
The use of the preparation in renal insufficiency is contraindicated.

Use in liver disorders
The use of the preparation in hepatic insufficiency is contraindicated.

Terms of Sale
The drug Ascoril is prescription.

Use in children
The use of the preparation in children under 6 years of age is contraindicated.

  • Nosology (ICD codes)
  • J04
  • Acute laryngitis and tracheitis
  • J15
  • Bacterial pneumonia not classified elsewhere
  • J20
  • Acute bronchitis
  • J37
  • Chronic laryngitis and laryngotracheitis
  • J42
  • Chronic bronchitis unspecified
  • J44
  • Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • J45
  • Asthma

Pharmacological effect:

A combined preparation having broncholytic, expectorant and mucolytic effects.

Bromhexin is a mucolic agent. Increases the serous component of bronchial secretion and activates the cilia of atrial fibrillation, thus providing the expectorant effect of the drug Ascoril: reduction of sputum viscosity, increase of its volume and improvement of withdrawal.

Gwaifenezin is a mucolic and expectorant agent, reduces the viscosity of sputum, facilitates its removal and promotes the transition of unproductive cough into productive cough.

Salbutamol is a broncholytic agent and is a selective agonist of β2-adrenoreceptors. In therapeutic doses, the drug Ascoril acts on the β2-adrenoreceptors of smooth bronchial musculature, preventing and/or eliminating bronchial spasm, thus reducing respiratory resistance and increasing lung capacity. The bronchial expansion of salbutamol (reversible airway obstruction) lasts four to five hours

Active substance
Pharmacological group
Country of origin
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