Doxylamine pills

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Doxylamine has a hypnotic, sedative, anticholinergic effect, reduces the time of falling asleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep, while does not change the phase of sleep
Active substance:Doxylamine
Pharmacological group:Brain health
Dosage mg:15
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Doxylamine pills

Instructions for Doxylamine pills

Pharmacological properties

It is an H1 receptor blocker of the ethanol group with a marked sedative and M-cholinolytic effect. It has a sleeping effect, reduces falling asleep time, increases sleep duration and improves sleep quality without affecting its physiological phases.



In adults and children over the age of 15 years 7.5-15 mg (up to 30 mg per intake) for 15-30 minutes before sleep.


Closed-angle glaucoma, BA, COPD, ileus, bile obstruction, urodynamics disorders in prostate diseases, age up to 15 years.

Side effects:

They are quite rare and are caused by anticholinergic action of Doxylamine, there may be a feeling of dryness in the mouth, breaking accommodation. Daytime sleepiness requires a reduced dose.

Special Instructions:

Clinical studies have not shown the teratogenic effect of Doxylamine. It is not recommended to prescribe during breastfeeding, as Doxylamine is excreted with breast milk.
Caution should be exercised during the administration of transport and work requiring increased attention, and alcohol should be avoided.


Alcohol potentiates the sedative effect of Doxylamine. When combined with atropine, imipramine, anti-parkinsonian preparations with cholinolytic action, disopyramide, neuroleptics of phenothiazine range, spasmolytics, anticholinergic action may be strengthened - urine delay, constipation, xerostomy. The sedative effect of Doxylamine can be significantly potentiated by simultaneous administration with antidepressants (with the exception of selective MAO inhibitors), barbiturates, benzodiazepines, clonidine, opiate analgesics, central-acting cough preparations, neuroleptics and tranquilizers (including the non-benzodiazepine structure).


Accidental or intentional overdose is possible only when taking Doxylamine in high doses. In children intoxication is manifested by arousal, hallucinations, ataxia, impaired coordination of movements, atetosis, seizures. Symptoms occur in this sequence, but in some cases the first symptoms of acute poisoning may be tremors and atetosis. Symptoms of atropinization are often observed - midriasis and palsy of accommodation, facial skin hyperemia, hyperthermia. In the terminal phase, collapse and comatose state develop. Death due to intoxication may occur between 2 and 98 hours after overdose. Symptoms of acute poisoning in adults may vary: inhibition and coma sometimes occur before the development of seizures and arousal; Skin hyperthermia and hyperthermia are much less frequent. Symptomatic treatment; They conduct ventilators and prescribe anticonvulsant drugs.

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