Selank nasal drops 0,15% 3 ml

Selank nasal drops 0,15% 3 ml

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Helps with anxiety, unmotivated anxiety, restlessness, panic attacks. Neurasthenia, asthenia, • mood instability, sleep disturbances. Prevention and treatment of stress disorders, lack of confidence in communication
Pharmacological group:Nootropic
Dosage mg:0.15
Country of origin:Russia
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Scientific articles about the:

The Russian company JSC "Innovative Research and Production Center" Peptogen "specializes in the production of new generation drugs, the action of which is aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the brain.

An innovative drug Selank for the regulation of brain functions. 
Selank Effective help with stress and mental stress, neurasthenia, asthenia. Improves memory and attention

Indications Selank:

  • Anxiety states
  • sleep disturbances
  • lack of confidence in communication
  • adjustment disorder.
  • unmotivated anxiety, worry
  • panic attacks
  • neurasthenia
  • asthenia
  • instability of mood
  • sleep disturbances
  • decreased will, initiation of activity, indecision, difficulty in making decisions, self-doubt;
  • lack of confidence in communication
  • adjustment disorders
  • Prevention and treatment of stress disorders.

Pharmacotherapeutic group Selank Nasal Spray:

anxiolytic agent (tranquilizer).

Pharmacodynamics Selank:

Selank is a synthetic analogue of taftcin (endogenous peptide), has an original mechanism of neurospecific action on the central nervous system (CNS), binds to specific receptors on the membranes of nerve cells. The drug affects the activity of the brain enzymes tyrosine and tryptophan hydroxylase, the exchange of monoamines in the emotiogenic structures of the brain (cerebral cortex, diencephalon, hypothalamus). 

By normalizing the level of serotonin in the brain under conditions of an experimentally induced decrease, it exhibits tropism to the serotonergic system. Increases the resistance of cerebral cortex neurons to high-intensity functional loads, stabilizes the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain. In the spectrum of its pharmacological action, anxiolytic effect with an activating (stimulating) component prevails. It does not have a hypno-sedative and muscle relaxant effect. 

Selank It has a positive effect on the cognitive and mnestic functions of the brain, including when they are impaired. Improves the parameters of attention and short-term memory, activates the processes of reproduction and analysis of information, memory and learning. Increases motivational stability and the adequacy of adaptive behavior. It has a vegetative effect, improves the vegetative support of activity during emotional stress, and has an optimizing effect on the body's adaptive reserve. 

In comparison with ED50, the drug does not reveal any undesirable side and toxic effects at 200-300 fold increase in the dose. Selank does not have undesirable long-term effects, does not have local irritating, allergenic, teratogenic and embryotoxic effects, does not have mutagenic properties, does not cause drug dependence

Pharmacokinetics Selank Nasal Spray:

Selank is administered intranasally (nasal drops). The absolute bioavailability of Selank® when administered to the nasal mucosa is 92.8%.

Selank The drug is rapidly absorbed from the nasal mucosa and after 30 seconds is found in the blood plasma, and then quickly distributed to various organs and tissues. 

Penetrates into the brain tissue.
Plasma concentration decreases progressively within 5-5.5 minutes. In daily urine, neither unchanged drug nor metabolites are detected, which is due to the rapid degradation of Selank® under the influence of tissue peptidases. 

How to drip drops Selank:

Selank is used intranasally using a bottle sealed with a plastic screw cap or dropper cap.

If the vial is sealed with a plastic screw cap, upon initial use, remove the plastic screw cap and replace with the supplied pipette with cap.
Draw up the drug into a pipette.

Squeeze the required number of drops of the drug onto the clean mucous membrane of the nasal passage, then pinch the nostril with your finger for a short time.
If the bottle is sealed with a dropper cap, carefully cut off the tip of the pipette, tightly close the pipette cap. Invert the bottle before use so that the liquid fills the entire space of the pipette. Remove the cap. Squeeze the required number of drops of the drug onto the clean mucous membrane of the nasal passage, then pinch the nostril with your finger for a short time.

The instillation of the drug into the nasal passages is carried out in a sitting position with the head slightly thrown or tilted to one side, after which each nostril is clamped with a finger for a short time.

The effectiveness of absorption may decrease in the presence of increased secretions of the nasal mucosa, therefore, it is recommended to clear the nasal passage before use (instillation).
Dose Selank: 2 drops in each nasal passage 3 times a day.
The duration of the course of the drug is 14 days. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated in 1-3 weeks, after consulting a doctor.
Use the drug only according to the method of administration and in the doses indicated in the instructions. If necessary, please consult your doctor before using the medicinal product.

The production of medicines complies with international GMP requirements (Good manufacturing practice)

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zena P.
Great experience with lowering my anxiety, would buy again.
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Very effective from the first dose
Dale white
I am amazed at the results I got using this product.
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