Endoluten (neuroendocrine system)

Endoluten (neuroendocrine system)

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Endoluten (neuroendocrine system) regulate hormonal metabolism and selectively act on the cells of the neuroendocrine system, contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the pineal gland cells and the secretion of melatonin
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Instructions for Endoluten (neuroendocrine system)

The Gold Standard of Longevity:

The preparation contains a complex of natural peptides
They are excreted from the epiphysis (pineal gland) of young animals.
The obtained substances from regulate hormonal metabolism and selectively act on the cells of the neuroendocrine system. Natural also contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the cells of the body and epiphysis and the secretion of melatonin.

natural peptides allows:

Normalize all cyclic processes in the body;
Regulate the operation of the sexual system;
Increase fertility;
Delay and mitigate the effects of climate change;
Normalize immunity;
Increase life expectancy;
By purchasing a drug natural for the prevention of tumors, including the reproductive system, you can reduce the risk of their occurrence by 5 times

Product Description:

Microcrystalline cellulose (E460),
beet sugar,
peptide complex A-8 (epiphysis peptides), twin-80.

Daily dose contains:

(2 capsules),
20 mg of peptide complex A-8 (epiphysis peptides).

Method for using peptides natural peptides:

Adults take one to two capsules once to twice daily with meals. The duration of taking the drugs is one month.
Main components
Complex of peptide fractions A-8 (epiphysic peptides)
It has a tissue-specific regulatory effect on the cells of the body, the neuroendocrine system.

It also normalizes matebolism in the cells of the epiphysis.
And restores the neuroendocrine regulation of the body to a physiologically optimal level.
And preventing the development of pathological conditions in it.

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