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Almagel A (Magnesium hydroxide, Algeldrat)

Almagel A (Magnesium hydroxide, Algeldrat)

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Almagel A (Magnesium hydroxide, Algeldrat) antacid, has an enveloping, absorbent effect, neutralizes free hydrochloric acid in the stomach
Active substance:Magnesium hydroxide, Algeldrat
Pharmacological group:GI tract and liver
Country of origin:Bulgaria
Brand:Almagel A
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Instructions for Almagel A (Magnesium hydroxide, Algeldrat, Benzocaine)

English product name

Release form
Absorption suspension

Description Almagel A:

Suspension for absorption in white or almost white, with the characteristic smell of lemon; a layer of transparent liquid can be formed during storage on the surface, and the homogeneity of the suspension is restored when the bottle is vigorously shaken.

5 ml (1 spoon)
algedrat (aluminium hydroxide gel) 2.18g,
which corresponds to the aluminium oxide content 218 mg
magnesium hydroxide paste 350 mg,
which corresponds to magnesium oxide content 75 mg

Auxiliary substances:

  • sorbitol - 801.15 mg,
  • hyetellose - 10.9 mg,
  • methylparahydroxybenzoate - 10.9 mg,
  • propyl parahydroxybenzoate - 1.363 mg,
  • butylparahydroxybenzoate - 1.363 mg,
  • sodium saccharinate dihydrate - 818 mg,
  • oil of lemon - 1.635 mg,
  • ethanol 96% - 98.1 mg,
  • water purified - up to 5 ml.

170 ml - bottles (1) with a dosing spoon (5 ml) - cardboard packs.

ATC codes
A02AX Antacids, other combinations

Clinical-pharmacological groups / Group affiliation
Antacid preparation

Active substance
magnesium hydroxide paste
algedrat (aluminium hydroxide gel)

Pharmacotherapy group for a preparation
Antacid agent

Storage Conditions
The drug Almagel A should be stored in a place inaccessible to children, protected from light at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C; do not freeze.

Best before date
The shelf life is two years.

Testimony Almagel A:

  • Treatment
  • sharp gastritis;
  • chronic gastritis with increased and normal secretory function of the stomach (in the aggravation phase);
  • acute duodenitis,
  • enteritis,
  • colitis;
  • stomach and duodenal ulcer disease (in the exacerbation phase);
  • diaphragm esophageal hernia;
  • gastroesophageal reflux,
  • reflux-esophagitis,
  • duodenogastric reflux;
  • symptomatic ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract of different genesis;
  • erosion of the mucous membranes of the upper gastrointestinal tract;
  • acute pancreatitis,
  • exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis;
  • Heartburn and pain in the epigastrium after nutritional deficiencies,
  • excessive use of ethanol,
  • nicotine,
  • coffee,
  • taking medications that irritate the stomach lining.

Reduction of irritant and ulcerogenic effects associated with the administration of medications that irritate the stomach lining.

Method of use, course and dosage Almagel A:

The drug Almagel A is taken inside. Before each application, the suspension must be thoroughly homogenized by shaking the bottle.

The preparation is taken forty-five to sixty minutes after eating and in the evening before going to bed.

Adults and children over 15 years old are prescribed 5-10 ml (one - two measuring spoons) 3-4 times/day. If necessary, a single dose can be increased to 15 ml (three measuring spoons). Children aged 10 to 15 years are given a dose equal to half the adult dose.
Once the therapeutic effect is achieved, the daily dose is reduced to five ml (one measuring spoon) 3-4 times/day for 15-20 days.
It is not recommended to take liquids for 15 minutes after taking Almagel®.

Five to fifty ml for fifteen minutes before taking irritant medication.

Use in liver disorders
It is not recommended for liver cirrhosis.

Terms of Sale
The drug Almagel A is allowed to be used as a non-prescription drug Almagel A.

Use in children
The preparation is contraindicated for use in children under 10 years of age.

  • Nosology Almagel A (ICD codes)
  • K21.0
  • Gastroesophageal reflux with esophagitis
  • K21.9
  • Gastroesophageal reflux without esophagitis
  • K25
  • Stomach ulcer
  • K26
  • Duodenum ulcer
  • K27
  • Peptic ulcer
  • K29
  • Gastritis and duodenitis
  • K31.8
  • Other specified diseases of the stomach and duodenum
  • K44
  • Diaphragmal hernia
  • K52
  • Other non-infectious gastroenteritis and colitis
  • K85
  • Acute pancreatitis
  • K86.1
  • Other chronic pancreatitis
  • R10.1
  • Pains localized to upper abdomen
  • R12
  • Izzhoga
  • Z29.8
  • Other specific preventive measures

Pharmacological effect Almagel A:

An antacid preparation, which is a balanced combination of algetrata (hydroxide aluminium) and hydroxide magnesium. Neutralizes free hydrochloric acid in the stomach, reduces pepsin activity, which leads to a reduction in digestion activity of gastric juice.

It has an enveloping, adsorbing effect. Protects the stomach lining by stimulating prostaglandin synthesis (cytoprotective action). It protects the mucous membrane from inflammatory and erosive-hemorrhagic lesions as a result of the use of irritating and ulcerogenic agents such as ethanol, NSAIDs (e.g. indometacin, diclofenac, acetylsalicylic acid), corticosteroids.

The therapeutic effect after taking the drug Almagel A occurs in three to five minutes. The duration of action depends on the rate of emptying the stomach. When ingested, the action lasts up to sixty minutes. When taken an hour after eating, the antacid action can last up to three hours. It does not cause secondary gastric acid hypersecretion.

Active substance
Pharmacological group
Country of origin
Expiration Date (in months)
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