Spazmalgon EFFECT (Drotaverine, Paracetamol) pills

Spazmalgon EFFECT (Drotaverine, Paracetamol) pills

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Spazmalgon EFFECT (Drotaverine, Paracetamol) a combined preparation, has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antipyretic and analgesic effect
Active substance:Paracetamol, Caffeine, Naproxen, Drotaverine, Pheniramine
Pharmacological group:Pain relievers
Country of origin:Bulgaria
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Instructions for Spazmalgon Effect (Drotaverine, Paracetamol) pills

Valid substance: (Paracetamol, Caffeine, Naproxen, Drotaverine, Pheniramine)

English product name
Spazmalgon Effekt

Release Form
Pills covered with film membranes

Description Spazmalgon:

Pills covered with green film envelope, double-bumped, elongated, on one side.

1 tab.
paracetamol 325 mg
perxen 100 mg
caffeine (waterless) 50 mg
drotaverine hydrochloride 40 mg
phenyramina Maleat 10 mg

Auxiliary substances: cellulose microcrystalline - 118.6 mg, starch corn pre-glagetinized - 30 mg, hyprolog - 20 mg, sodium croscarmelosis - 60 mg, or Monochrome acid - 10 mg, dynatry - 0.4 mg, ascorbic acid - 20 mg, thalk - 12 mg, magnesium stearat - 4 mg.

The composition of the film shell:
Opadra fx green 65 F210000 - 30 mg (polyvinyl alcohol - 14.1 mg,
thalk - 6.588 mg,
macro-goal - 3.99 mg,
pearlamuter pment - 3 mg,
polysorbat-80 - 0.81 mg, 
titanium dioxide - 0.75 mg,
aluminum lacquer based on indigocarmin dye - 0.507 mg,
aluminum lacquer based on Chinoli dy Yellow - 0.255 mg).

* Perlamuter pigment consists of saliva and contains 69-75% alumosilicate potassium (E555) and 25-31% titanium dioxide (E171).

10 - Blisters (1) - packs of cardboard.
10 - Blisters (2) - packs of cardboard.
10 - Blisters (3) - packs of cardboard.

ATX codes
N02BE71 Paracetamol in combination with psycholeptic

Pharmaceutical / Group Membership

Valid substance 
drotaverine hydrochloride

Pharmaceutical group:

Analgesizing agent (MOTAPM+analgetizing drug+psycho-stimulant+spasmolitic+H1 histamine receptor)

Combination drug, provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolithic, heat-reducing effect.

Paracetamol - a non-drug analgesik, has a heat-reducing and pain-relieving effect caused by the blockage of the TsOC in the CNS and the impact on the centers of pain and thermal regulation.

Naprxen - MOTAPM, provides anti-inflammatory, analgetizing and heat-reducing action related to non-selective suppression of the activity of the CTF regulating the synthesis of prostate glandins.

The caffeine causes the expansion of the blood vessels of skeletal muscles, hearts, kidneys; Improves mental and physical health, helps to eliminate tediousness and drowsiness; Increases the permeability of histogetic barriers and increases the bioavailability of non-arcotic analgesics, thereby increasing the therapeutic effect. Tone the brain vessels.

Drotaverin has a myotropic spasmolic effect caused by inhibiting phosphodiesterase IV, which affects the smooth muscles of LCDs, gastrointestinal paths, urinary system, vessels.

Feniramin is a blockage of H1-receptors histamine. It has a spasmolic and weak sedative effect, reduces the phenomenon of excision, and also strengthens the angeering effect of paracetamol and percussion.

Indications for use:

  • Diarrhoeal syndrome of various genes,
  • including joint, 
  • muscle, 
  • radiculite, 
  • algodismenorium, 
  • neuralgia, 
  • tooth pain, 
  • headache (including due to the spasm of the brain receptacles), 
  • Sickness syndrome associated with Smooth muscles, including chronic cholecystitis,
  • gastric disease,
  • post-cholecystomic syndrome, 
  • kidney colic, 
  • post-traumatic Post-operative pain syndrome, 
  • including inflammation, cold diseases accompanied by feverish syndrome (as symptomatic therapy).
Active substance
Pharmacological group
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